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Research & Development

The way we develop new products (masterbatches, Biomasterbatches®, MasterbatchRecy®, and additives) and perfect new formulations is one of the great strengths of Vanetti S.p.A.

In additional to the traditional quality control measures used to certify the products sold to our customers, Vanetti S.p.A. set up two modern laboratories a while ago where we create and develop new products and focus on ecological and environmental aspects.

This involved making investments to ensure we always have the very latest laboratory equipment so we can research raw materials that are ever more reliable and higher performing. The goal of this mission was to offer our customers new colour effects for working with all types of thermoplastic resins, and we have succeeded.

Our desire and potential to be the first to introduce new solutions represents added value for our customers in the continuous, productive relationship between the Vanetti S.p.A. laboratories and the technical expertise of our clientele.


Research & Development